AstroEd is an astronomy organization in Pakistan whose aim is to promote astronomy by fostering astronomy education. We at AstroEd, through astronomy activities for kids, workshops, lectures & an objective-focused astronomy curriculum, try to answer what is the importance of astronomy in modern education and why should astronomy be taught in schools.

We know that COVID-19 Pandemic has shut the schools throughout the World but interestingly, to do Astronomy you don’t need classrooms! Astronomy education can be done using distance learning techniques too.

We all have seen pictures of moons, planets, galaxies, and stars systems taken by different spacecraft and space telescopes (Thanks to advancements in space technology!), but most of us have no idea that they can also watch these objects using telescopes. It can be some professional telescope or the one which they can make on their own.

So, support AstroEd to make everyone’s life filled with Astronomy!

About the Logo:

As Leonardo Da Vinci has said:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

So, the logo of AstroEd is simple and brief but the idea behind this simplicity is quite sophisticated.


The font used is Acumin Font which is a sans-serif font. According to the psychology of fonts, sans-serif fonts show open, progressive, and informal approaches. This exactly aligns with the basic idea of AstroEd: We’re not formal teachers, we’ll learn and have fun with Astronomy in an informal manner.


The colours used are the shades of grey colour with the brand colour i.e., Shade of Yellow. According to colour psychology, yellow colour shows friendliness and trustfulness. Yes! We can say this with assuredly that wherever in the world you see something astronomical happening, you should know that it all started with the friendship between like-minded people having madness filled with Astronomy!

Graphic Element:

There is one graphic element used in the logo which is Three Stars that are unequal in size. These three stars represent amateur astronomers of all ages! Astronomy unifies and is a humbling field of science.


How to Contact Us?

AstroEd is a Pakistani organization aiming promotion of astronomy education.