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How to predict Financial Markets?

Are you someone who has been hearing about cryptocurrency for a while but don’t know what it is and where to start? Or someone who has been in cryptocurrency but don’t know how people predicts the price targets? Then this course is for you


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About Course

The course is designed in a way to take you from the level of zero knowledge to the level where you can actually jump into trades knowing the future price action with the help of price action analysis.

Topics for this course


Week 1: Understanding of how crypto market works

Week 2: Introduction to Binance and exchanges

Week 3: Introduction of Candlestick Graph

Week 4: Continuation/Reversals of Candlestick Graph Patterns & Intro to TradingView

Week 5: Introduction of Trend lines

Week 6: Introduction of Graph Patterns

Week 7: Practical Implementation

Week 8: Conclusion

About the instructors

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Target Audience

  • Intermediate Finance students will be able to learn from this course
  • Students who are trading and analysis knowledge
  • Students who are looking forward to earn some money

What Will I Learn?

  • How crypto market works?
  • How to use Binance?
  • Basics of Price Charts
  • How to read candlestick graph?
  • How to price future price action?
  • How to trade cryptocurrencies?
  • How to do Risk Management?
  • How to use CryptoWallets?
  • After doing this course, you'll have a different and unique perspective of looking on the Price Charts of Financial Markets. You'll be able to quickly recognize the patterns and predict the price action.