Is okay to be optimistic in every situation?

Many people say that “Be optimistic in every situation” and that’s completely fine for me too! But the thing is that if something is going wrong, we should highlight it and should stop being “Fake Optimist” with the statement that “See the good and not the bad”.
If no one will see the bad, then “bad” will become “the worst” and “good” will remain “the good” which, to me is wrong!
I have seen people commenting on the different social media posts of the journalists, critics and social writers that “ہمیشہ کی منفی سوچ (Negative thinking as always)” and this comment clearly shows the negligence and ignorant behaviour of our people.
Intellectuals, writers, journalists highlight the odds in the society just to make them in the limelight so that it can be rectified but our people take it as an illogical criticism (destructive).
We need to understand the difference constructive and destructive criticism and learn to be open-minded.

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